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yacht paintingWhen it comes to paint, you have come to the right place! Our passion is unsurpassed. Withyacht painting more than 25 years of experience, our licensed and insured team continues to be of incredible help to marine vessel owners in the area. Naturally, when we work with boats we always use the finest materials available on the market, so you can be sure that the results of our work will be durable and long lasting. Whether you want to freshen up your boat or you would like to completely transform it, you can always count on us!




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The Secret To Any Good Paint Job Is Preparation.

Our company specializes in anti-corrosion applications, fairing and providing top quality yacht painting to the yacht  refinishing industry. The demand for a high quality yacht painting has never been greater.

With thorough preparation and skilled application, we are able to reach the high standards set within the industry and satisfy budget and deadline . Whether it be a refit or new build , we have the professionalism, expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate in yacht painting.

We record air temperature, humidity, dew point and gloss levels for each application on all projects. We strictly adhere to the paint manufacturer‘s technical specifications and are also very respectful of the environment and follow.

 We Love What We Do And It Shows

Underside of radar arch M/Y  Renaissance

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Vessel Paintwork commissioned by Cris Craft Roamer 43′ , New Construction, Jet Black Awl-Grip Hull

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Professional Yacht Refinishers By Trade Since 1985

IMG_0032Exterior fairing and painting, anti- corrosive treatments, IMG_0033repair and blends. New construction or re-paint we guarantee our results. We at Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC  believe that the quality of the finish starts at the beginning not at the end. Today’s finishes are much more than just paint, instead they are coatings systems each applied in the correct sequence under carefully controlled conditions to produce a high performance finish. When applied correctly, they provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack, protecting your valuable investment against the harsh marine environment.




115 ‘ TEEL      Exterior Fairing & Paintwork Awl- Grip Coatings Systems  


Premier Yacht Refinishing has been painting yachts for over twenty years, we know what it takes to produce the very highest yacht standards this industry demands and we have the experience to deliver on time and within budget. We have the expertise within our team to get the job done right and to meet the rigorous deadlines required in this industry.




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Fairing & Paintwork : Hull Carbon Fiber Cosmetic Finish : Custom 40

New Construction, Dania, Fl.  Outback 40′ Express

This project involved total fairing and paintwork both interior and exterior. The vessel was constructed in fiberglass at Derecktor Shipyard , before we took over to perform the fairing and finish work using the Awl-grip coatings system.

The hull was wrapped in carbon fiber and was refinished with a high solids clear coat



yacht painting      yacht painting yacht painting        yacht painting     yacht painting


M/Y  Katherine , 132′ Trident.

New Construction : Complete Fairing and Paintwork : Trident Shipworks, Tampa, Fl

yacht painting


                                         yacht painting   yacht painting   yacht painting     yacht painting

Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC has the professionalism, expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate in yacht coatings and finishes… By keeping an open line of communication with each client we are able to tailor a package which will suit the budget, deadlines and standard of finish for each individual project; this ensures the total satisfaction of all clients.



M/Y  VELOCITY   Paintwork to Vessel Transom

 yacht painting




BOOTSTRIPE      Roscioli Yachting Center

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Sailing Yacht Aquavit !

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Past Projects


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Alexis 90′ Azimut : Full Paintwork Rolly Marine Center

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142 ft Royal Denship Refinished At Rosciloi Yacht Center


Project 2009

Built like an ocean going tug, robust and made of steel, this is a vessel that requires good rust control and prevention. This is a shadow vessel and fairing is not necessary, what is of more importance is a good chemical treatment to distressed areas and daily  maintenance to stay ahead of the rust spots.

At Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC we use the very best technologies available, due to manufacturers warranties most refinishing companies do not know about using these products, we do cause they work! If you need rust control for your vessel, we’ll deliver a longer lasting solution.

Rust removal, chemical etching of the metal, anti corrosive priming and brush applied top coat.

Under the direction of Captain Kostas Andreau

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We Use Only The Very Best Materials

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