what we have done

                                  M/Y  Fair Skies                                                                                              M/Y Grand Cru

  Paintwork to hull of vessel, main house and fly-bridge                                             Aft Deck Painting and blister control

         fair skies2                                    grand cru

                                       S/Y  Teel                                                                                                            M/Y  Katherine

           New Contruction : Exterior Fairing & Painting                                                 New Construction : Exterior Fairing & Paintwork

         TEEL2-300x126                        yacht painting

                           M/ Y  Outback                                                                                                                     Chris Craft

                        New Construction                                                                                                            New Construction

Complete Interior/Exterior Fairing & Paintwork                                                                 Exterior Paintwork To Hull Of Vessel

       yacht painting                                   yacht painting

                                M/Y  Alexis                                                                                                        M/Y  Unforgettable

                 Complete Exterior Paintwork                                                                                 Complete Exterior Paintwork

         alexisyacht                                                 unforgettable2

                            M/Y  Lady Sylvia                                                                                                      M/Y  La Dolce Vita

                   Complete Exterior Paintwork                                                                                    Complete Exterior Paintwork

       Lady Sylvia                              lla dolce vita

IMG_0024     IMG_0028     IMG_0003

Just Some of the vessels we have worked on over the past several years!


Abbarraci :  Interior paintwork / refit

Alexis :  Complete exterior paintwork

Aratinga :  Complete exterior paintwork  and interior refinishing / refit

Azzurra :  Complete engine room painting / refit

Barbara Gail :  Fairing and fiberglass work / new construction

Bellflower :  Interior refinishing to main salon

Bossy Boots :  Engine room paintwork

Charisma :  Interior Refinishing

Chris Craft : Exterior paintwork to hull of vessels x 3

Dolce Vita :  Complete exterior paintwork

Ergonomics :  Complete interior refinishing / refit

Fair Skies :  Exterior paintwork to hull of vessel plus main house & flybridge

Floridian :  Exterior paintwork / refit

Gallant Lady :  Interior refinishing , exterior deck furniture

Gathering Paradise :   Complete exterior paintwork

Grand Cru :  Complete engine room paintwork plus exterior paint to aft deck and blister control.

Helios :  Exterior paitwork

Iris :  Exterior varnish

Jami : Exterior paintwork

Katherine : Complete exterior fairing and paintwork / new construction

Katherine 2 :  Exterior varnish

Lady Diane :  Exterior paint and varnish , plus interior refinishing

Lady Sylvia :  Complete exterior paintwork

Murphy’s Law :  Non skid decks to vessel exterior

Life’s Finest :  Exterior paintwork and Interior refinishing / refit

Mia Amore ;  Exterior fairing and paintwork

Moon Goddess :  Interior refinishing and exterior paintwork

Outback :  Complete exterior fairing and paintwork plus interior refinishing

Renaissance :  Exterior paintwork

Riva :  Exterior varnish

Sovereign : Complete interior refinishing / refit

Scott Free :  Interior refinishing

Sojourn :  Exterior refinishing to super structure of vessel

Star Of America :  Exterior paintwork

Teel :  Complete exterior fairing and paintwork / new build

Unforgetttable : Complete exterior paintwork

Whoo Caird :  Exterior paint and varnish plus interior refinishing

Zaza : Exterior paint and varnish


  • Imagine
  • Seahawk
  • Sun Chaser




IMG_0008     IMG_0022     IMG_0065

We worked with Inace in the early 90’s and performed services aboard yachts

Lovely , Multisea and Joanna





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