PREMIER YACHT REFINISHING LLC   “An Outstanding Boat & Yacht Repair Company”


Established in 2009, Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC is a full service yacht refinishing company dedicated to marine excellence.


Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC specializes in providing professional service to our clients to ensure top quality finish work on time and within budget. Riccardo personally oversees each and every project whether it be a 40 foot or 200 foot yacht, custom service remains the same to maintain top quality standards.

Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC specializes in :

IMG_0101Exterior fairing and painting, anti- corrosive treatments, repair and blends. New construction or re-paint we guarantee our results.

Today’s finishes are much more than just paint, instead they are coatings systems each applied in the correct sequence under carefully controlled conditions to produce a high performance finish. When applied correctly, they provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack, protecting your valuable investment against the harsh marine environment.

For over two decades, Riccardo has prided itself on being a high class yacht painter, producing fantastic finishes with a mirror like gloss on vessels which are sailed around the world. The first stage of any paint work is to thoroughly prepare the surface, a procedure which takes many hours and which is one of the most important stages in the repainting process.

Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC staff are experienced in achieving the best results possible using these complex materials. By only using the best quality paints from the world’s leading manufacturers we ensure we stay at the forefront of technical development.

Fiberglass repairs and gel coat blends:  Cracks, nicks and gouges, expertly repaired. Color matching, new fabrications & gel-coat restorations.

Exterior varnishing whether it be spar varnish or clear acrylic urethanes to cap rails and deck furniture. Wood has a beauty of its own that a good varnish job will enhance and protect.

If a vessel has been allowed to get a bit tired, Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC will bring it back to its former glory with a clear, tough, long lasting high gloss professional finish.

Varnish applied to your boat will not only look good and enhance the long term value of a boat but provide a barrier to protect against the elements that will attack the surface during the season – sea, UV radiation from the sun, rain and wind.

Varnish will also enhance the natural appearance of the wood, thereby maintaining and even improving the value of the boat. Varnishing can be a very time-consuming job and the correct finish can be difficult to achieve if you’re trying to do it yourself.

At Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC, we have all the necessary tools and years of expertise needed to work with today’s new paint and varnish products. Like any job, the key to a successful finish is in the preparation. Once this is complete, several coats of varnish are usually needed with a light sand in between each. We offer a variety of different varnishes to get the exact finish you require and advice on how to keep the finish looking as good as new.

Engine Rooms: Full refinishing or touch ups to engines, components, deck plates etc

Custom interior repairs and refinishing: Wood repairs and faux finishes, stripping, staining and clear coat finishes

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, our involvement in large refits, new builds, and maintenance projects has taken us up and down the East and West Coast of the United States, and to Europe, where we have worked in numerous marinas and shipyards.

Projects :

Each project is individually tailored to suit budgets and deadlines, liaising closely with vessel representative to ensure total satisfaction.

We always maintain a clean and safe work area, we are also very respectful of the environment and follow ISO 14001 guidelines.



FIBERGLASS Repairs & Fabrications.

Cosmetic & structural repairs

We repair and make new any damage.

New fabrications

Proffesional Repairs For Mega Luxury Yachts And All Smaller Boats.

Gel-coat : Scratches and gouges fixed.

Issues Resolved

Spider cracks


Stress cracks

Delamination issues

Rotten/soft deck, transom and hatches

Re coring hatches/consoles

Hull blisters

Keel work

Refinishing (awlgrip,imron and axalta)

Non skid

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