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The Art Of Yacht Fairing


YACHT FAIRINGA perfectly faired yacht is the basis of an excellent finish coat. It will make a good paint job yacht fairinglook great. With an experienced, professional team and strict quality control methods, our quality assurance extends to maintaining working procedures of the highest level. This combination ensures that the finest finish coats are applied to the fairest yachts. The art of yacht fairing begins with battening out the substrate of the vessel to determine the highs and lows of the surface. from here you must fill in the lows and long board the entire surface and repeat until the vessel has a consistently fair surface. Now the surface is ready for application of high build primers.





                yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing

                yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing

Spray applied Ultra Build primer is the way to go, this has an exceptionally high millage of product to give the surface a good body of primer aswell as fill in all the abrasion marks of the aggressive sand paper used to long board the fairing compound. The very next day the surface must be sanded! no joke this must be done within the 24 hr window or you will double or even triple your work load, this is because the ultra build will harden up and will be like granite after the 24 hr period, just trust me on this, learn from the mistakes and experience of others. Once boarded using lighter grit paper you apply a high build primer, two or even three coats to give the surface a full bodied coat. From here you are almost done, sand the surface using an even lighter grade paper and then you are ready for your finish primer.

Fairing a yacht is the hardest part of the yacht refinishing project as it requires a lot of sweat and hard graft, but stick with it and the results are sure to be worth it. If you don’t get this part right it will show in the finish coat.


                yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing    yacht fairing     yacht fairing

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Corrosion  Control : Priming : Fairing

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The vessel arrived from Australia in kit form and assembled at Derektor in Dania. We were working on other projects in the yard but never having seen anything like this before I decided to investigate. It was from here that I met the owner Mr Don Heap and assigned to fair, profile and refinish the vessel, not your usual refinishing project ( most don’t have a clue), we had to wrap the hull with carbon fiber , so it had to be perfect, a kink in the wrap & it just would not look right…………….

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