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Varnishing  &  Clear Coat Systems     

varnishingVarnishing and bright work is like lipstick on a yacht , put on a nice coat of gloss and she’s glowing. We at Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC want to treat your Yacht as a Lady to make you proud of.

We excel in stripping , repair and refinishing of all marine bright work whether it be capping rails , deck housing or furniture we have the expertise and the passion for perfection. There is an art to varnishing, a meticulous process has to be followed to achieve the desired results. We only use the best tools and products available, to ensure a great finish.

When working aboard yachts it is absolutely imperitive that extra precautions are taken to prevent damage to the surrounding areas being worked on, decks and super-structure must be properly protected at all times and replaced as often as possible.

Taping is crucial to the project and must be replaced after 2 or 3 coats otherwise it will be very difficult to remove which will be labor intensive and leaves a scraggy edge. Perfect prep creates the perfect finish!

          varnishing     varnishing    varnishing    varnishing    varnishing


M/Y Katherine  171 ft Trinity : Strip & Refinish / Epoxy Urethane Coatings


varnishing      varnishing      varnishing      varnishing    varnishing


   One Or Two Part Systems Brushed To A Candy Apple Glow  

 Bar top and bottom , stripped and refinished using West System & Awl-Brite



Forward end of bar top  M/Y Katherine



Capping Rails Refinished Using Three Part System.  Awl-Brite

  varnishing      varnishing     varnishing     varnishing     varnishing


Every yacht has an alfresco dining area and boat deck which requires furniture to accentuate the leisure area.

Deck Furniture is usually made of teak and requires maintaining to keep it looking good which is very time consuming and thus expensive. It is essential to perform a regular service schedule  to save on future refinishing.

We recommend twice a year care maintainence , including touch ups and repairs especially to the joints of the furniture  which are the first to show signs of distress.

At Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC we only use the finest products that will ensure a longer lasting finish.


Meticulous Prep work Is Essential

varnishing      varnishing      varnishing    varnishing     varnishing


Aft Deck Tables Refinished At Derecktor  /  Spray Enclosures For On-Site Refinishing : Gallant Lady Aft & Owners Deck

varnishing      varnishing     varnishing

Riva .  Fwd deck and sides stripped and refinished 

varnishing     varnishing    yacht painting

Various Varnished Parts

varnishing     varnishing     varnishing    varnishing    more varnish

britework     varnish chair     varnish parts     brightwork     brightwork1

Deck Chairs Stripped & Refinished   M/Y  Renassaince 

varnishing            varnishing

A Recent Project Completed For Innovative Creations

All Furniture Was Chemically Stripped To Raw Teak And Beautifully Refinished

varnishing          varnishing

Darker wood due to chemical cleansing                                         Finished                                 Sanded

varnishing      varnishing    

varnishing        varnishing

varnishing     varnishing

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